How to use Bullfrog Communities Streaming

  1. If sign-in is required for your screening, join Bullfrog Communities Streaming (or sign in through Facebook or Twitter and skip to step 5). If sign-in is not required, skip to step 5.
  2. Click the activation link in the email we send to you.
  3. Create your user password and activate your account.
  4. Sign in (if prompted).
  5. Go to your Film Screening Room and enter the video password provided by your host to watch your film.

How to Book an Online Community Screening

There are two types of online community screenings: (1) On Demand and; (2) On Time. Charge admission or host free-admission events.

On Demand screenings will allow your audience to view a film (or more than one film) anytime during a window of time: one day, one week, etc. English captions and non-English subtitles (subject to availability) are accessible for On Demand screenings only.

On Time screenings are livestream, virtual events. Your audience views a film at a set time, like an in-person movie screening or community screening. A live chat feature is included. Schedule subject to availability. Licensing is available for synchronous screenings on other platforms upon request.

To see a complete list of available films, special offers, book public screenings and buy DVDs, go to Bullfrog Communities. Pricing is as listed on Bullfrog Communities for in-person screenings. For online community screening pricing information, see the pricing FAQ.

To book your online community screening, complete the Online Community Screening Request Form or email us with details about your event.

For additional information, see our FAQ.